Welcome to Bill Burnett's SongMine!

This is a Song Blog (a Slog!) and hang site dedicated to digging songs--my songs, your songs, old songs, new songs, and everything in the Known Tuniverse that you and I care so much about. I've been writing songs all my life--folk songs, pop songs, pretty songs, funny songs, kids songs, political songs, songs for TV shows--you name it.

This SongMine is my way of bringing my songs out of the mine and into the light of day. And it's also a way for all of us who really believe in the value and power of songs to get together, talk, and get down with each other.


In The Digs I'll be posting at least one new video a week, sometimes two or three, as well as audio for you to listen to and purchase if you like. 

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A new feature is the Freewheelin' Talk section.  Look for provocative and interesting points of discussion.  I urge you to join in. 

Also, look to the top of the page for information on Upcoming Live Gigs, either me playing solo or with my band, the wonderful Backboners.

We'll also get to have some lively song-related discussions  Check out the SongTalk section over to the right of your screen where we can talk about the songs and songwriters we love--or despise. 

In addition to my songs, I'll be introducing you to some songs and songwriters who I admire in the the section called The Great Unknown. I figure, now that the Hitocracy is dead (see below), maybe some of our unsung heroes can finally get their due thanks to the power of the World Wide Webiscite.

Please climb around in the SongMine for a while. Join a discussion here, watch a video there, and see what hidden passageways you find. If you like what you see please please please click on the Contact and Join button on the top of the page. Let me know your email address and a little bit about yourself. Oh, and come back often. Like our motto says, Fresh Songs Dug Daily...

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