Warren Zevon Defended

My longtime pal and fellow SongMiner Joe Hudson is a big Warren Zevon fan, and agreed to "go to bat" for Zevon as being worthy of a position on Bob Dylan's short list of favorite songwriters.  Here's one of Joe's picks, the somewhat enraged song "Aint That Pretty At All" performed here by The Pixies:

Joe also sent two other Zevon songs, "Never Too Late For Love" and "Empty Handed Heart".  Here's what Joe had to say about Zevon's songs:

"Never too Late for Love" - One of my favorite Zevon ballads; incredibly simple, and every word counts. 

"Ain't That Pretty at all" - The "bad-boy" side of Warren; I've been there!!

"Empty Handed Heart" - possibly one of my all time favorite songs by anybody. The section with the lyrics "I pull down diamonds, in the sand," featuring a brief duet with Linda Ronstadt, really kills me.

"Empty Handed Heart" by Warren Zevon

A technical glitch kept me from uploading Never Too Late. (Sorry Joe!)  I think these songs show that Warren certainly deserves propers as a honest, questing miner of songs, full of the energy that makes the great ones great. For me, he still falls a little short of a talent that I would place at the top of my list, although I appreciate him.  And of course his life (and death) story are touching.  For those of you who don't know, Zevon made a final album "The Wind" as he was dying of cancer.  Here's a song from that album, which I find very touching: