Stuff For Sale

This will become a lively part of the SongMine soon, with pictures and all that.  For now, if you'd like a CD or DVD on this list send $18 to:

PO Box 94479
Pasadena, CA 91109

CD:  I Wrote These Songs Volume 1--Bill Burnett's private collection of top songs featuring Close Enough For Love; Over You; Ferry To Nova Scotia; Living and Breathing Love; Guantanamo Bay; No God Good Enough For Your;  Chloe; She Parts The Gauze; May I Please; Well, Hello; The Little Boy Who Cried Love

CD: Spine--The BackBoners, Bill's Mamas&Papas-esque band's debut CD featuring Let It Blow My Way; Duz My Baby Want A Kiss?; Monday Monday; Gotta Get Gotta Get; Lovage; Crazy Moon; Dream A Lotta Dreams; My Dog Has Fleas; Life Is Still Very Wow

DVD: Pet Song Ding Dong Singalong--Bill's delightful video of kiddie songs about pets and animals:  Here Kitty Kitty; Little Mousey; Fly Away; Swimming With The Fishes; I've Got A Pony; To Look A Giraffe In The Eye; When The Animals Run The Farm and more...