Pretty Sally O lyrics

© Bill Burnett

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See who picks the blackberries
Pretty Sally O 
Out beside the swaying trees
Pretty Sally O 
In her hair a daisy chain
Lips and fingers berry stained

Sun beats down upon her brow
Pretty Sally O 
With a sigh she wonders how
How far she could go
If she slipped into the shade
Stepped into the forest glade

Mama's face, a passing cloud
Frowns on Sally O
Mama's voice says not allowed
There you mustn't go
Stay out in the sunny field
Where no secrets are concealed

Then all at once a path unwinds
Right at Sally's feet
Curling out between the pines
Into the forest deep
Sally drops her berry pail
Leaves it by the twisting trail

And through the cool of cathedrals
Pretty Sally goes
Baby's breath and pine needles
Tickle Sally's toes
Scented fingers of the trees
Reach for her with every breeze

And in a room of fern and moss
Sally makes her bed
Trees above her they turn and they toss
As she lays down her head
And in that moist and fragrant place
She takes the forest's green embrace

Sally wakes up drenched in dew
Pretty Sally O 
Above she spies a sky so blue
Pretty Sally O 
She thinks somewhere she hears a laugh
And looks around to find the path

But the place where the path once stood
Pretty Sally O 
Is covered up now with a bramble wood
Pretty Sally O 
Sally stares with widened eyes
And wonders where her meadow lies

Mama finds the berry pail
She calls for Sally O
But Mama doesn't find the trail
She calls for Sally O