Pete Seeger Passover

No singer songwriter alive or dead embodies the themes of Passover like Pete Seeger. Rising up, escaping shackles, speaking truth to power, leading a popular movement, ending slavery, supporting labor, peace and justice. And following the voice you hear--whether it comes from a burning bush or a burning heart.  If you haven't yet seen the great documentary Power of Song, get it and see it. Immediately. And sign the petition to give Pete Seeger the Nobel Peace Prize  (

And now listen and watch, as Pete leads a seder...

Here's the song that CBS censored from the Smothers Brothers show. It was eventually broadcast, but the Smothers Brothers were cancelled soon after.

This Vietnam era song still rings true today, even though Obama is president.  What do you make of that?

A song from the time of the great labor movement. In Pete's tradition, you gotta take sides.


And after so many years of struggle and song, an exultant moment from three months ago, accompanied byBruce Springsteen and all of America!

 This "This Land" is a rare performance of the great Woody Guthrie classic with all its lyrics intact.  Usually we get the watered down, schoolroom approved version. Among the missing verses, my favorite is  As I was walkin', I saw a sign there/And that sign said "No Trespassin'"/ But on the other side it didn't say nothin'/ THAT side was made for you and me!

Go now to, and sign the petition. Let's give this folk singing, songwriting, banjo & guitar strummin', crowd pleasing,peace mongering, civil rights marching, commie respecting, black listed, totally committed activist and American patriot the Nobel Peace Prize.