Other Folks Nuggets 


One thing that happened when I created the SongMine was that people started sending me songs, contributions to the Mine.  This was great! I love going to sing parties and hearing what everybody has to offer.  And I don't want the SongMine to be just about me.  I want the community of SongMiners to grow and be heard. So here are some contributions from some fellow Miners...

George Macias is a new SongMiner who sent me some cool stuff.  He lives down in Austin and has a cool site called Texas Cafe, although it seems to be spelled Texis in the url.  Anyway he sent me in the catch ditty about a poor guy who knows where the Pope and the President and the Taj Majal is, but can't find his girlfriend.  Happens to the best of us:

My good friend Rich Ferguson, the hip poet in the farmer's hat, sent me this very cool new video which reminds me of the wonderful strange music he used to make with the Fuzzy Doodah band.  Give it a look and then check out ALL the Rich Ferguson offerings at YouTube and elsewhere.

OFN Week 8

I've been insanely busy but here's ONE (count it) nugget for Other Folk's Nuggets this week.  A classic film posted by Norman Zamcheck of Stormin' Norman and Suzy performing one of their rowdy great...Black Eye at the Redeye!


A lot of people mentioned Natalie Merchant as a female singing and songwriting talent who desrves being featured here.  I like her, but don't feel versed enough in her work to make a full-out commentary.  Alban Maino suggested this song and I think it's lovely, so here she is doing Beloved Wife....


My good pal Stevie Gurr and the wonderful Carol Ann Ives have a new CD coming out soon with their bandEmith.  Here's a really fun video of one of their new songs "High Sierra"...

SongMine newcomer Emily Carvill (hi Emily!) suggested "Your Ghost" by Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses fame.  Which goes nicely with Norman Zamcheck's "Ghosts" a few posts down.So here it is...dig it

If I walk down this hallway, tonight/It's too quiet/So I Pad through the dark/and call you on the phone
Push your old numbers/and let your house ring/til I wake you ghost.
Let him walk down your hallway/it's not this quiet/slide down your receiver/sprint across the wire
follow my number/slide into my hand.

It's the blaze across my nightgown/it's the phone's ring.

I think last night/you were driving circles around me.

I can't drink this coffee/til I put you in my closet/let him shoot me down/let him call me off/I take it from his whisper/you're not that tough. 


Some weeks ago I mentioned that I wanted SongMiners to chime in with their votes for performers and songwriters who were hot and happening today.  I don't want this site to smell like old farts.  And I tried to kick off the discussion by mentioning my love for the group Portishead.  Nobody picked up the ball, though, and to date I have not received a single mention of any other modern group.  So here's another stab at it...Portishead!  Doing one of my favorites "Sour Times"...

Stormin' Norman Zamcheck is STILL going to get his own feature on the SongMine, because he's just too amazing a songwriter to merely be heard and seen in dribs and drabs.  But I don't want my quest for the perfect showcase of great talent to stand in the way of songs and songwriters being heard.  Here's a wonderful video Norman made off his solo album Everone Tells a Story. It's called "Ghosts" and it's spooky.  (That's the great Jack Bashkow on the horn.)

NOTE:  Some technical glitch ditched all the other nuggets that used to be here.  I don't know what happened but I will try to figure it out and get the previous songs from Mark Michaels and Elise Morris and Eric Killburn back up here for next week.  Sorry...