I'm Gonna Marry Diana lyrics


© Bill Burnett

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I went and bought a ring
Now my heart is fluttering
I’m gonna marry Diana
Love birds are on the wing
Wedding bells are gonna ring
I’m gonna marry Diana
Soon we will be in a church by the sea
I can hardly believe it’s true
She’s gonna marry me too
I’m gonna crack a smile
When she’s walkin’ down the aisle
I’m gonna marry Diana
Then she’ll be standin’ there
Flowers in her golden hair
I’m gonna marry Diana
All will be bliss as we lean for the kiss
Cause I know when I say “I do”
She’s gonna say it too

Love is on our side
Do you take this bride?
I do, I do
I can see myself lovin’ no one else but you

Loved ones are gathering
Everybody’s gonna sing
“I’m gonna marry Diana”
And as they learn the song
More and more will sing along
“I’m gonna marry Diana”
Then there’s a chance that we’ll all start to dance
And we’ll dance till the night is through
She will be dancing too
I done kicked the gong
Now my heart belongs to you, just your
No more will I roam’
Now it’s hearth and home for two

I got a song to sing wedding ring and everything
I’m gonna marry Diana
I got a place to go, row to hoe and line to toe
I’m gonna marry Diana
Love will go on on the isle of the Swan
Like an endless rendezvous
Love that is always new
Love makin’ grey skies blue
Cause she’s gonna be there too