Close Enuff For Love lyrics

© Bill Burnett

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 We gaze into the heavens
To see those shooting stars
And when they show we give them oos and ahhs
They go blazing through the heavens
And then they vanish...puff!
They aren't real stars but they get close enough

Close enough, Close enough 
Close enough, Close enough 
Close enough, Close enough
Close enough For Love
Close enough, Close enough 

Now once a woman loved me
And we called our love true
Now she's left me for a love called new
I don't blame her I don't hate her
Or any of that stuff
I'm gratefull that we once got close enough
And we did we got Close enough 
Close enough Close enough 
Yeah we got Close enough 
I do believe we got Close enough 
Close enough For Love
Close enough, Close enough 

Every truth is only partly true
And no piano is quite in tune
And all our lives we settle for a view
Of just one side of the moon

So gather round this campfire
Watch each glowing spark
Rise and disappear into the dark
The air is chilly above this campfire
The ground is cold and rough
But you can stay warm if you cuddle close enough

Just find somebody and get Close enough 
Close enough Close enough Close enough 
You can be happy if you just get Close enough 
Close enough For Love
Close enough Close enough Close enough Close enough 

For Love