Christmas Christmas Christmas Lyrics

© Bill Burnett

What season is here?  Christmas!
Why all the good cheer? Christmas!
When is it time for dipping elves in wine?
Christmas!  Christmas! Christmas!

When do we shave cows? Christmas!
Bring then in our house? Christmas!
Then stand round the fire and watch the cows perspire
Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

We'll build a mudman out in the park
And pretend that he is Surgeon Brown
He'll say "You need your appendix out"
We'll say "You can do the job when you're in town"

Deep into the night on Christmas
We'll have a food fight on Christmas
Figgy pudding smeared all over Santa's beard
That's Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!

The Angel Choir appears above
I Hope they're alien beings this year
Who'll beam us aboard to watch us make love
Oh Christmas!

When do we give thanks? Thanksgiving!
Watch soldiers in tanks? Memorial Day!
But when can you meet Carol, the ancient yule tide Troll?

Only on Christmas, Christmas, Christmas, Christmas,
Christmas, Christmas, Christmas