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Far West was Far Out!

Hi!  I got back yesterday from the Far West Conference.  It was a trip and a half and I saw some very cool people, most notably Chauncey Bowers, Severin Brown, Britta La Shain, Dale LaDuke, and Shelby Tieg and Tara, all of whom you should track down and check out ASAP.  The best part of the event is the late night Guerilla showcases which take place in hotel rooms--lots of little performances going on simultaneously.  Very surreal and very cool.  I am eager to connect more with a lot of the people I met.  Big love to all of you and I will be back here again soon.


I'm at Very Far West

Hello Songminers!  I'm excited to be down at Irvine with a whole bunch of other folkaholics, strumming and networking our little (and not so little) buns off.  It's The Folk Alliance Far West Conference and it is populated by some of the finest folk in the west.  I don't perform till tomorrow so I'm just soaking in the sounds and making the rounds.  What a great group of talented people all doing what they love, for the love of it.  I'll check in again with you tomorrow or before the weekend is over--maybe have a video of me playing or pix from the event.


Purim and Passover Plays In Production

Hi Songminers!  I've been so busy doing Stretch Media and writing my big Passover musical I haven't had time to post here for a while, but things are going to get active very soon.  I've got Esther's Destiny being produced by the kids at TBI, and I'm writing Reuben's Story into a full sized musical with some hot Hollywood talent joining me in the effort.  Watch this space for more info and I'll start feeding some songs out here as well.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! (Phew, we made it!)

© Bill Burnett and Peggy Sarlin

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New Year's Eve has got to be the weirdest of holidays. Unlike most others, which commemorate  someone's birth, or celebrate of the end of a war, or the beginning of a season, or some kind of big religious or philosophical event or concept, New Year's Eve is all about the passage of time. Which is a pretty dreary subject, when you get right down to it.  That's why I think there are no real New Year's songs.  "What Are You Doing New Year's" and "Auld Lang Syne" are about it, right?  So Peggy Sarlin and I took a stab at capturing the ambiguous nature of the holiday in this song and I thought it was appropriate to trot it out for this combination new year and new decade.  Please, let me know what you think of it...



Happy Hollandaise and High Hopes for a Great New Decade From The SongMine!

Hello and happy happy EVERYTHING SongMiners.  I am grateful the long dreary decade some are calling "The Aughts" (meaning the Zeros) is coming to a close and 2010 is just around the corner, ripe with promise.

My New Years Resolution is to get the SongMine back up and running after a long hiatus.  Maybe I'll make it a bi-weekly event for the new year.

To end the aughts on a happy note, please enjoy this holiday greeting from ChalkZone. (Directed by the amazing Bob Nesler.)

And then be sure to scroll down and see my perennial holiday hit "Christmas! Christmas! Christmas!"  See ya next year.  Meanwhile, for heaven's sake, go have some fun at the SongMine!

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